2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Materials Science


Motoko Kotani (Tohoku Univ.)
"Mathematical challenge to structural understanding of materials"

Markus Münzenberg (Ernst Moritz Arndt Univ.)
"Coherent Spin Dynamics in Topological Insulators"

Fumiyasu Oba (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
"Accurate Predictions of Defect Properties in Semiconductors: Towards Understanding and Screening of Materials"

Vinh-Hung Tran (Polish Academy of Science)
"Low-Temperature Physical Properties of Nano TiO2 and Ag-TiO2"

- Confirmed -


Masashi Akabori (JAIST)
"Characterization of Spin-Orbit Coupling in Gated Wire Structures Using In0.75Ga0.25As/In0.75Al0.25As Inverted Heterojunctions"

Manfred Albrecht (U. Augsburg)
"Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Tb-Fe Thin Films: Coupling Phenomena and All-Optical Helicity Dependent Magnetic Switching"

Thanh-Cong Bach (VNU)
"Magnon Spectrum at the Symmetric and Antisymmetric Exchange Interactions in Ultrathin Films"

Tristan Barbier (AIST)
"Relationship Between the Structural, Magnetic Properties and the High Permittivity Observed in a Complex Hexagonal Perovskite"

Ryoji Funahashi (AIST)
"Development of Thermoelectric Materials and Application"

Akihiko Hirata (Tohoku U.)
"Direct Observation of Short- to Medium-Range Order in Metallic Glasses"

Nam-Nhat Hoang (VNU-UET)
"Time-Dependent DFT Study of New Observable Quantum Surface Effects in Colloidal ZnS"

Hajime Hojo (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
"Ferromagnetism at room temperature induced by spin structure change in BiFe1-xCoxO3"

Yoichi Horibe (Kyushu Inst. Tech.)
"Nano-sized Checkerboard Domains in Manganese Spinel Oxides"

Harald Jeschke (Frankfurt U.)
"Effects of doping and pressure in copper based kagome materials: spin liquid and strongly correlated Dirac metal"

Takashi Kimura (Kyushu U.)
"Efficient Spin Injection and Absorption Using CoFe-Based Alloys and Its Application"

Van-Hong Le (VAST)
"Piezoelectric properties of BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3-Ba1-xCaxO3 (x=0.10-0.35)"

Abdul Majid (U. Gujrat / Osaka U.)
"Tailoring the exchange interactions in 3d and 4f codoped III-nitride diluted magnetic semiconductors"

Stefan Mathias (U. Goettingen)
"Ultrafast laser-induced charge- and spin-dynamics in alloys and multilayer structures"

Shigemi Mizukami (Tohoku U.)
"THz magnetization precession for a tetragonal Heusler-like compensated ferrimagnet"

Uichiro Mizutani (Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute)
"Role of FLAPW-Fourier-theory Derived Electrons per Atom Ratio, e/a, for 54 Elements in the Periodic Table Including All Transition Metal Elements"

Hiroki Moriwake (JFCC)
"Functional Electronic Ceramic Materials Research by Collaboration between Atomic Level Structure Analysis and Theoretical Calculations"

Chikako Moriyoshi (Hiroshima U.)
"Electron Density Study of Ferroelectric Oxides by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction"

Jens Müller (Frankfurt U.)
"Studying Charge Carrier Dynamics by Fluctuation Spectroscopy -An Overview"

Masahiro Nagao (Waseda U.)
"Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Magnetic Skyrmions in Chiral Magnets"

Atsutomo Nakamura (Nagoya U.)
"Electrical conductivity at artificial charged domain-walls in LiNbO3"

Linh-Trung Nguyen (VAST)
"Chaotic Compressed Sensing and Its Application to Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

Wataru Norimatsu (Nagoya U.)
"Epitaxial graphene growth on SiC and its electronic functionalization"

Taisuke Ozaki (U. Tokyo)
"O(N) Krylov Subspace Density Functional Methods and Its Applications to Complicated Interface Structures"

Duc-Thang Pham (VNU-UET)
"Ablation process of nanostructured oxide-based composites"

Thanh-Cong Pham (HZDR Dresden)
"Magneto-acoustic Studies of Frustrated Quantum Magnets"

Thi-Ngoc-Mai Pham (Hanoi U. Sci.)
"Modification of rice husk towards application in solid phase extraction"

Fabio Pichierri (Tohoku U.)
"Computational Design of Soft Materials for the Capture of Cs-137"

Merlin Pohlit (Frankfurt U.)
"Micro-Hall Magnetometry: Stray-Field Studies on Ferromagnetic Direct-Write Nanostructures"

Jürgen Schnack (U. Bielefeld)
"Magnetism Of Free And Deposited Magnetic Molecules"

Akiko Sekine (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
"In situ Control of Solid-State Photochromic Reactivity in Dual Photoreactive Cobaloxime Crystals"

Hiroki Taniguchi (Nagoya U.)
"Toward the Development of New Ferroelectric Oxides"

Andy Thomas (IFW Leibnitz Institute for Solid State Research)
"Atomic layer deposited HfO2-based magnetic tunnel junctions"

Eita Tochigi (U. Tokyo)
"TEM Characterizations of Low-angle Grain Boundaries of alpha-Al2O3"

Kazuaki Toyoura (Nagoya U.)
"Correlation between Ionic Conduction and Crystal Structures in Proton-Conducting Oxides - A First-Principles Study"

Dang-Thanh Tran (Chung-Buk National U.)
"Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties near the First-to-Second Order Magnetic Phase Transformation of La0.7Ca0.275Ba0.025MnO3 Nanocrystals"

Nobufumi Ueshima (Tohoku U.)
"Significance of Nucleation Stage on Selective Variant Growth in FePd under External Magnetic Fields: Phase-Field Modeling"

Henning Ulrichs (Georg-August University of Gottingen)
"Spin-current and Thermally Induced Magnetic and Elastic Dynamics in Thin-film Nanostructures"

Bernd Wolf (Frankfurt U.)
"Magnetic cooling in frustrated magnets close to a quantum phase transition"

Ikuya Yamada (Osaka Pref. U.)
"Novel Quadruple Perovskite Catalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction"

Hidehiro Yoshida (NIMS)
"Doping Effect on Grain Boundary Nanostructure and High Temperature Mass Transport Phenomena in Polycrystalline Yttria"

Koretaka Yuge (Kyoto U.)
"Equilibrium Macroscopic Structure Revisited From Spatial Constraint"

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